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Dasgeek’s Brain

Welcome to my brain. This is the page where I store documents,research, and favorite things that I’ve discovered in collaboration with the community.

All documents are hosted on HackMD which is a collaborative markdown based tool. You can help enhance these documents by logging in and adding your voice.

If you want to see some of my code and scripts check out my Github

Latest Document

Research On Ethical Companies – Research on ethical companies that don’t use forced labor

Other Documents

Lot’s of goodies here like the Favorite Linux Software link. Enjoy!

Check out my Github page for scripts and software.

Python Learning Resources

EdX: The Michigan State courses led by Charles Severance are my absolute favorite and you can get a certification for very little additional cost that could help you in future job endeavors.
CodeCombat: Play video games and learn Python? It’s possible with this fun online game that let’s you learn Python syntax and play an awesome RPG at the same time. This helped me understand critical concepts such as looping. Don’t forget to join my clan and we can compete against other people all around the world. Join Clan
Udemy 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: Great course that goes from basics all the way to more advanced concepts. Good flow and earn a certificate (though not accredited). Use my affiliate link to sign up for Udemy.
Illustrated Guide To Python 3: This book helped me to solidify some of the concepts that I learned in the EdX courses.
JetBrains Education Courses: Helpful courses and you can install the edu plug-in directly into Pycharm.
Python For Everyone Book: Get the book to go along with Charles Severance courses on EdX.
Python Laminate Cheat Sheet: Get a cheat sheet to keep on your desk to reference commands and practice what you’ve learned.
Creative Coding In Python: Over 30 Projects in a perfectly fun illustrated book that will have you coding in Python quickly. Really enjoyed going through this with my kids but also learned a ton myself. Must buy!

Python IDEs & Tools

  1.  PyCharm: The very best IDE (in my opinion) for learning Python in my experience. Easy to get started and open source. Works in Linux, MacOS and Windows. All the defaults will work perfect without hunting down extensive plug-ins. Includes an education training plug-in from Jetbrains as well. You can add Vim Emulation, Markdown and Bash support plug-ins as well.
    1. Pycharm Edu plug-in
  2. ATOM: Open-source and multi-purpose you can do a lot with ATOM. Not as easy to setup as Pycharm for Python.  A lot of community plug-ins. Here are my favorites:
    1. Atom-material-syntax theme for code highlighting
    2. for auto indenting lines as you’re typing python
    3. Autocomplete Python – who wants to type redundantly.
    4. Run code from Python with f5 or f6
  3. Anaconda – Anaconda is a distribution of Python, Jupiter, R, and other tools you will use later on in Python learning. Very powerful tool to have at your disposal.
  4.  IDLE: This is the built-in IDE for Python an is quite a powerful tool to get started with and test out new concepts along the way
  5. Another amazing IDE (though not open source) is Sublime Text. It’s free for non-commercial use for life but will pop-up and ask you to buy a license once in awhile. License cost is $80. It is one of the most popular IDE’s with a ton of great support for many languages including Python.

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