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Get the best gear for yourself or as a present. Everything below has been personally used and tested by Dasgeek himself. I’ve tried to include a nice range of prices here from $19 on up.

If budgets are tight this year consider looking for these items used on Ebay or local marketplace. Also you can do custom gifts like 3D printed figures, drawings, whatever your talent…people would love to have a custom one of a kind gift from you.

Also check out to get some Dasgeek swag, Destination Linux or other Tuxdigital show gear!

Hi there! Thank you for checking out my favorite tech gear. Every purchase using the links below helps me fund more reviews and more content. – Dasgeek

Tech Picks

Keyboard & Mouse | Accessories | Wearable | PC Parts | Workout | Other

Keyboard +

HyperX Alloy Origins Core – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is one of the most affordable mechanical gaming keyboards on the market. Compact and tenkeyless. Tested with PS5 and PC gaming with software controlled RGB lighting & macro Customization options. Tested HyperX Red version. $69-$79

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Ducky One 3 SF Daybreak

The Ducky Keyboard is one of the best all around mechanical customizable keyboards you can buy. This is my primary keyboard that I use for editing, gaming, programming, and general PC usage. $144

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Rode Procaster II

The Rode Procaster II isn’t cheap but that’s because it’s an all-in-one studio solution for podcasters and live streamers alike. This replaced my DBX 286s, my audio interface, and the cloud lifter. This is pro level equipment that allows you to pipe audio and mix audio channels through an easy to use digital interface. It’s not just good…it’s amazing! $699

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iWalk Portable USB C Battery

This little device is a life saver for having a quick and portable battery for when you need a charge. The pocket size makes it great for travel where you don’t want to connect your device to public charging stations which can be hacked. USB C so it’s compatible with a plethora of devices. $19.99

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Hak 5 – Hacking Tools & Media

Hak 5 is the pentester and ethical hackers dream store. Everything you could ever want to test and learn is available at this store. I personally own a field kit by Hak 5 and it’s full of amazing gadgets that help you understand how vulnerable you really are. Pick anything from here and you or the geek in your life will love it. They also sell classes to help you learn the fundamentals of using things like the Rubber Ducky. Classes start at about $39. Products from $79+.


Garmin Venu 3

The Apple Watch is a formidable opponent when it comes to wearable technology. The life saving technology is something that’s important to me as someone who has heart disease that runs in their family. So when I left Apple ecosystem there were limited options that had the same fitness and health tracking that Apple offered. Thanksfully, I found the Venu 3. The Venu 3 is not only as good as the Apple watch…it’s better. From a fitness tracking perspective there is simply no comparison and the health tracking is considered by many to be far more accurate and complete. $399.99

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Sony WH-1000XM4

Headphones are one of those items you want to spend a little cash on to gain a lot. The Sony WH-1000XM4 gives you incredible sound and noise cancelling and build quality and portability all-in-one! I’ve tried Bose, AirPods Max and everything in between (see my Youtube channel). These are an all around amazing set of headphones that give you everything you want to truly feel and enjoy your music and entertainment. $250-278

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Pixel Bud Pro

When it comes to working out you need something lightweight, noise cancelling, and sweat proof. Perhaps just as important is an earbud that stays in your ear as you bend down, jump around, run, and push weights around. The Pixel Bud Pro is a great sounding, light weight, tight fit headphone that I use for the gym 6 days a week. It syncs without issue and is a must have in my gym rat adventures. $119

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Travando RFID Slim Wallet

Technology in a wallet? I mean that’s what they say. Get this RFID wallet for yourself or the geek in your life and protect against scammers trying to get your precious credit card data. The real joy of this wallet is the ultra slim design made for front-pocket comfort which will keep thieves from getting your wallet without you noticing. The nice quick front access for your geek card is an added bonus. $21

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The Yubikey is a 2FA or two factor authentication key that every true geek needs in their collection. This little device adds an additional layer of security that will help keep you safe from hackers. $25-75

Standard/PC | Android/iPhone/PC Hybrid

PC Components

Lian Li Tu-150

When it comes to Mini-ITX cases you will be hard pressed to find a better one than Lian Li Tu-150. This is the case I personally use for all my desktop computing. It’s compact, has a handle for easy carrying and transportation and has a lot of room for larger video cards. The case is solid and easy to manage cables with ample options for cooling. $237

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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is the most versatile single board computer on the market. The latest version is the Raspberry Pi 5. However, the Raspberry Pi 4 is still an amazing computer capable of running as a low powered desktop, NAS, home automation and more. Check out my latest video on the Raspberry Pi 5 here. $60-80

BenQ Monitors

When it comes to professional monitors there is no better brand in my experience than BenQ. The clear color reproduction is perfect for all forms of digital artists and content creators and you’ll find that even when they’re 60Hz monitors they perform better than many 120Hz cheaper panels. I’ve had one issue where I’ve needed to replace a monitor and BenQ stood behind their product with great customer service. $600+

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Pinebook Pro Laptop

This is not for everyone. However, if you or the geek in your life likes to tinker, it doesn’t get much more fun than this low cost ARM laptop from Pine64. Starting at just $219 it’s a steal and you or the geek in your life will spend hours hacking and creating with this very capable kit.

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MINIS FORUM Mini Computer

This mini computer is great for streaming media, setting up a NAS, and even playing some video games. It’s small form factor means it can fit anywhere and it’s upgradable so you’ll have many years of fun for a reasonable price. I’ve used this device for darn near everything and it keeps on cooking. $239

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Check out my video on FightCamp here. This is an at home fitness system that’s fun and can teach you boxing or kickboxing basics in the comfort of your own home. Get in shape in a more exciting way. The trainers are top notch and keep you engaged and there is plenty of competition with the punch trackers to go around. Fun for the whole family or just you. You don’t need to buy their bag. Just pick up their wraps and trackers $99 + Membership

Peloton Bike

This is one that I didn’t understand until I tried it. Some of the most engaging trainers on a bike that features a giant screen, amazing speakers, and multiple beginner, intermediate and advanced rides available. Not just for bikes, you can now use it for treadmills, rowers, and even boxing. The boxing is not as exciting as fight camp but there are some great basics and warm ups available. I suggest to find a bike used and save several hundred dollars. Used you can get them for $800. New is around $1400+

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YETI Rambler 30oz

Make fun of it all you want in pop-culture…there is a reason this cup is so popular. I never leave home without it and the Yeti keeps your drinks cool or hot like no other. This is great for the gym or for just getting your daily water needs fulfilled. The stainless steel heft of this cup makes it perfect as a self defense tool as well…kidding…mostly. The vacuum insulation is technology in it’s own right and you can pick one up for about $42

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Fairphone w/ eOS

Check out my video here. The Fairphone with eOS is the most privacy focused smartphone on the market that you can still use all the apps you’re use to without compromising friends and functionality. Fair labor practices, fair parts sourcing, it’s a phone you can use and feel good about. $500

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Motorola Razr 2023 +

While the Fairphone needs to be given a serious consideration, if you’re looking for a more traditional device look no further than the Moto RAZR 2023+. This device is a flip phone that’s affordable and functional. The smaller screen is not only useful for quick responses, emails, and apps like gym bar codes but it folds out into a full-size piece of awesomeness. $699

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Sony Alpha A6100

Sony Mirrorless cameras are what we use to film Destination Linux and the cameras you see used in my videos. The Sony Alpha A6100 is the main camera you see in use. My latest holiday video shows a less expensive ZV-1F ($398 – $450) that’s still in testing so buy at your own risk. If you have a geek looking to get into photography, start a Vlog or Youtube channel…the Alpha A6100 is a great one. $698-750

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I love having music playing around the house and Sonos makes it very easy to integrate great sound in every room. You can buy one or multiple speakers and link them up together for a wireless in-home entertainment system. Additionally, you can use them as your surround sound system for your TV. $200.00 each.

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Audible – Gift Subscription

Audible is a great gift for the book lover that spends a lot of time on the road or tucked away in the office. Audible allows for a huge selection of books with monthly credits that make it a audio book lovers dream. Get smarter, fill your brain. Starting at $15

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Thank you for stopping by! Remember to keep filling your brains with knowledge and geeky goodness.